Kocioł Małego Stawu
22.11.2013... 21:27

Karkonosze, Mały Staw, Dawid Twardowski

...Up in the morning,
up in the evening,
Picking down talks when the birds get back to me.
Oh, to me.

Up on the mountain,
down in the king's lair,
pushing these boxes in the heat of the afternoon.
Oh, afternoon.

We were never welcome here,
we were never welcome here at all.

It's who we are.
Doesn't matter if we've gone too far.
Doesn't matter if it's all okay.
Doesn't matter if it's not okay...

Imagine Dragons - Who we are

Kocioł Małego Stawu

Category: Landscapes

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dreamin dreamin
28.11.2013... 22:27

Karkonosze, hezotart, Dawid Twardowski

...Tell me what you know about dreamin dreamin
you don't really know about nothin nothin...

Kid Cudi - Pursuit Of Happiness

dreamin dreamin

Category: People

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